www.traumatologiaequina.es: equine orthopaedic  and sports medicine service

Ambulatory lameness and poor performance diagnostics and treatment service. Years of experience working in the Uk and Spain. 



Direct Digital radiography on site

Digital high quality ultrasonography

Shock wave treatments

Novel treatments-stem cells, IRAP, pentosan, Tiludronate


  • Lameness Exam; detailed exam, palpation, dinamic examination, regional blocks to localize the source of pain, diagnostic imaging and treatment.
  • Pre-purchase Exams; 3 or 5 stage vetting. 
  • Poor performance investigation; Full investigation including ridden exam to assess problems
  • Second opinnion; Diagnostic imaging reports, second opinnion work ups. 


ANA BOADO, DVM, Dipl ACVSMR, CERT ES(ORTH),Advance Practitioner in Equine Surgery(Orthopaedics), MRCVS, COL.6166


Internship at the Animal Health Trust, Newmarket, Centre for Equine Studies, under Dr. Dyson supervision. One year in private practice in the north of London. Residency in Equine Surgery(Orthopaedics) at Edinburgh University. Certificate in Equine Surgery(Orthopaedics) by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Diploma in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation by the American College. Member of BEVA and AVEE. Assistant professor at Complutense University physiotherapy postgraduate master. Speaker in many congresses and many scientific publications.  

Wide experience in lameness diagnostics, poor performance, pre-purchase exams, MRI, scintigraphy, radiology and ultrasound. Many years of experience treating the Spanish Pure bred sport horse. 



Ana Boado Lama

Diploma en Medicina deportiva y rehabilitación (ACVSMR/ECVSMR)

Certificado en Traumatología Equina y Cirugía(Cert ES ORTH)

y Advanced Practitioner in Equine Surgery(Orth)por el Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons( Reino Unido)



Correo electrónico: anaboado@hotmail.com

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